A Case of Infertility and ITP

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Janet presented in March 1994 complaining of both ITP and a problem with fertility.

ITP since January 94 and on 5 mg apo -Prednisone along with Losec.

She had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months. One in the second and one in the third month of pregnancy.

The patient had gone off the birth control pill January 94.

She developed many colds,flu’s and sinus conditions for which several rounds of antibiotics were prescribed.

In October she was pregnant and felt quite healthy. Despite this one night she experienced heavy contractions and miscarried.

One month later in November a terrible chest cough came on and antibiotics were prescribed. One week later another miscarriage.

After each miscarriage there was a D and C.

Since being off the pill cycles are longer 30-35 days as opposed to a mathematical 28 days prior.

For about one year she suffers a severe tiredness. “I must give in to it “. If tired I can fall asleep anywhere any time .

“If I sit 10 minutes I can fall asleep easily”.

Also this last year there can occur a split second of dizziness. It comes and goes.” It’s as if I am in a spin, in a whirlwind”. She is usually standing when it occurs.

Headaches this last year. Frequent and intense. It is a throbbing in both temples. It is sharp and piercing. It can stay one or two hours. These occur if there is lots of chaos or noise at the business. I constantly think of many things which need doing. I bring it on myself.

Sinus issues for many years now. If I catch cold its my ears throat, sinuses or chest which constantly get infected. If its very cold outside my sinuses open up. If its warm and humid my nose closes.

Throat; It is a very dry burning sensation. It flares fast. The throat seems to close on swallowing and is better from cold drinks. There is a deep dry hacking cough and the whole thing goes into my chest after a few days.

Once the chest symptoms come on the bones begin to ache and her whole body stiffens, gets tense and it feels as if she cannot move.

Menses. Since the miscarriages the menses are 2-3 days heavier and there are more clots. There is an increase in sexual desire toward the end of the flow.


Loves spicy potato chips, ceasar salad. Thirst for cold water with lemon.

Thermal profile.

I am cold and can chill easily.

My tolerance to the heat of the sun however is limited -10 minutes and I must seek shade.

Fear of thunderstorms.


Dream a lot. Dreams are vivid. I must sleep in a cool room for the fresh air. If the room is warmer my nose is stuffed.


I can cry easily with happiness or sadness.

I am a nice person. I like to do for others. I like to entertain. I like my job working with others.

Now case analysis is a very interesting thing. One must first decide what is to be most weighted in the thought process. Hahnemann tells us that the most characteristic elements of the disease are to be foremost in our consideration.

I looked at the case and thought well the disease is ITP, the increased menses plus various of the symptoms seem to fall neatly into a box labeled phosphorus.

But I have this nagging corner of my brain that is always poking in and saying is there any other way to evaluate this?

Hahnemann also tells us that a true symptom is one that is undoubtedly diseased.

So what is that in this case? The symptoms definitely diseased and at the same time bearing characterizng value(through their modalities) are the coryza symptoms which most indicate Pulsatilla.

However is there any substantiation in the rest of the case? Yes-the need to sleep in fresh air, the pronounced sensitivity to the sun and the easy weeping strongly remind one of Puls.

Pulsatilla 10m was given. At the first follow up the headaches were at least 50% improved and general energy and mood was definitely improved. I took these changes to be evidence of a good degree of similitude in the remedy.

Improvements continued until June of that year when seasonal allergy symptoms kicked in and brought with them a host of respiratory issues. The sinuses became very involved with pain and discharge. A vicious cough caused much unrest.

This susceptibility to take cold and have it proceed to the sinuses and chest was a chronic issue. True,the headaches,energy and general state seemed better. However the menses and this issue had not yet altered. Pulsatilla in higher potency did not affect the patient at all.

The symptoms had not altered too much so I now decided to re visit the Phosphorus. Phosphorus 10m nicely cleared the cough and allergy symptoms. It also normalized her menses.

She returned occasionally simply to ask for another dose of the Phos. if energy or resistance felt a bit down.

By the time I saw her next she had had a lovely pair of twins.

Hahnemann tells us to treat the person in the context of the totality of most characteristic symptoms. It is this constellation of information that is the syntax nature uses to guide the hand of the physician in the course of cure.