Long before you’ve pulled the sheets up, rested back onto a soft pillow and drawn a curtain on the day your body will have silently defended against countless threats. Viruses, bacteria, poisons, cancers – all elegantly swept away as part of the usual routine. When life flows in harmony the human body has a miraculous ability to heal itself.

However we do fall ill. The system confronted with an imbalance it cannot overcome alone, makes us sick. In this suffering we change in many ways. There may be pain, disability, moods and alteration in various functions. In other words we are no longer “ourselves”. It is an altered experience of life - a different “state”.

The disease state is the tool used to portray the remedy needed to ignite healing. This is the profound insight given to us by Homeopathic medicine. In other words, your body is telling us exactly what it needs if only we can understand – if only we listen.

As you and I sit down and talk, our aim is to clearly portray your symptoms, everything that affects them and how they affect you. This will involve thorough questioning, physical exam and if necessary, lab testing. For example: When in life did those headaches begin? Exactly what kind of pain is it? (Throbbing, stabbing, pressing…?) Where is it located? What relieves, what aggravates? What time of day is it better? When is it worse?…

Once we have the complete picture we are that much closer to finding the homeopathic remedy with the most similar pattern.

Gently optimizing lifestyle removes obstructions to progress. This involves counseling, nutritional advice and hygiene.

The next step is a strong ongoing collaboration in order to navigate this process to a successful conclusion. This involves regular follow ups over a period of time in order to monitor and fine tune.

I have spent nearly 30 years in practice, striving to help people suffering a wide array of illnesses. I am a Naturopath, Homeopath and Chiropractor. My mission in practice is to use the best of these skills to facilitate the achievement of your optimal health.

- Joseph Kellerstein D.C., N.D., FCAH