Comment on a Lippe Case

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

There is so much to learn from these masters. Note the descriptions-brief accurate phrases delivering a clear picture of striking features of the person, disease and its development. We see the use of the word ‘miasm’ to express infectious epidemic (nothing more esoteric).The first picture was clearly Belladonna. The headache was more during the heat phase (although Bell is a 3 in both headache during heat or chill).Note the observation of pulse rate and quality (as was practiced prior to the common use of the clinical thermometer). Although Bell clearly relieved the disease in its first stage (inflammatory)the illness proceeded to the next phase(discharging).

I had a great deal of trouble repertorizing this one as an exercise—please try. I had to use only the most general rubrics.Sulphuric acid is not in many of the sub rubrics we would like to use. My next foray into frustrustraton was reading as many sources as possible on the diarrhea of this remedy. Again not a clear match so I kept reading. Could it be hear the the characteristic is the debility (weakness) juxtaposed to the black offensive discharges in this low state? The amazing similitudes of the remedy clear from the low potency so rapidly and repeatedly effective.

Then the change in picture with new symptoms,increase thirst.worse after midnight and the guiding symptom of desire to be restless with great weakness leading the way to Arsenicum.

This last prescription of Psorinum seems puzzling but a brief peek at Allen’s keynotes tells the story when we read the indications-profuse perspiration after acute disease.

I marvel at the knowledge of these pioneers. This short case offers the opportunity to study several remedy images, indications and to note the rhythm and cues they used in management.It really is all there in our old literature-treasure after treasure.