Hahnemannian Perspectives

It has been a mission to re introduce to our community of Homeopaths to principles and practices of original Hahnemannian medicine. These are the methods that have been practiced since the early 1800’s. The same methods that created astounding cures detailed in thousands of pages of journal articles over 2 centuries.

Lectures are held once per month on a Sunday from 930-500. Each day starts with a discussion of the Organon and how it is applied on a daily basis. Then a Materia medica/repertory study of a Polycrest remedy. The later afternoon lecture covers a practical aspect such as case taking or case analysis.

If it feels as if you would like a solid methodical grounding in Homeopathy you are welcome.

The cost is 90 dollars per day(plus taxes) for students and 120 (plus taxes) fro practitioners .

All lectures a re digitally audio recorded and these recordings are also available for sale.

For dates, registration and location please call my office at 905 433 8666 (Oshawa).