>Maybe it’s some Karmic thing

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Maybe it’s some karmic thing because I hate seafood. Maybe its because I so want to impress preceptors with the aspect of individualization in Homeopathy and fate has some twisted desire to teach me humility. Maybe I am so boring I attract just one remedy type. Whatever the reason, it has been getting around that I use an awful lot of Sepia.

I use it because it seems so frequently indicated and it so often works like a charm. In the realm of female medicine Sepia is Queen.

Consider the case of Julianne;

This attractive,vivacious 34 year old lady had quite a story to tell. She has been quite the dynamo. 3 kids, an unwell husband and a full time job. She never quits and she always smiles.
Julianne first presented in 2000.Her chief complaint was the pain of endometriosis. It had been severe for four years now. She’s had two surgeries both of which were of minor help.

The pain was described as a pulling and tearing in the abdomen(less since the most recent surgery one year ago.)There is as well a pin in the groin extending to the thigh. It is a pulsating and it penetrates so deeply it seems to get into the bone of the hip. These pains are severe and non stop for two weeks per month. The pain kicks in about an hour after rising. The odd time it seems to shoot up the rectum or shoot up the vaginal area. These pains are more noticeable walking.

The first two days of menses are a write off. The pain is severe. She will lie in bed on the side with legs drawn up. There is no other position.

A strong frontal headache begins with ovulation. By dinner time each day she is nauseous and uses a hot cloth which helps a bit.

Menses are 24-28 days apart. On the first day there is a constant downward pressure in the abdomen.

Julianne is a chilly person especially her hands. Despite feeling cold she likes her bedroom to have fresh circulating air. The heat of a beach is her favorite pace. She could be out there all day long.She loves activity and vigorous physical activity. She feels pumped after a workout.

There is a past history of cervical polyp.Tubal ligation 8 years ago.She suffers a severe RSI injury to both arms.Eczema of the hands is bothersome due to the itch.

Prescription. Sepia 200.2pellets as a single dose.Return after 2 cycles.

First follow up.

For both months the lead up to the menses was much improved as regards the pain.The eczema seems not to be an issue.The bad news is that from ovulation to the end of menses it is difficult to stand for any duration.She must sit due to the downward pressure in the pelvic area.Last night there knife like pains in the ovaries that were worse for riding in a car.The ovarian pain seemed to radiate to the thighs. Emotionally she describes herself as feeling taxed.

Plan. Good reaction to the remedy.The more prominent symptoms now very troublesome are still similar to Sepia. Sepia 10m.One dose.Wait 2 menses.

Second follow up.Doing very well.Seem to be improving with each menses.Plan-redose only if improvement flat lines.

The patient didn’t return and reportedly did well.I saw her some 7 years later for complaints again related to her menses.This time there were hot flushes pre menstrually.At night she would throw the windows wide open one hour before sleep to cool the room(it is December here in Canada-the great white north).Her moods are very labile ranging from anger to tears and in seconds.Yes -I gave her Pulsatilla but we are going to have to wait on this result.