Paula is 5yrs old and 17kg of angelic sweetness.

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Paula is 5yrs old and 17kg of angelic sweetness. She is blond with a slightly pale ,luminous complexion and slender. As her parents describe the acute state she snuggles into her dad and strokes his hand for comfort.

Paula whispers into her parents ears despite their audible instruction to speak in a clear open voice.

She will respond to a direct smile with a smile but the quickly looks away. I just want throw a bunch of Pulsatilla at her but the symptoms do not yet warrant this.

Right now it is Saturday morning at about 11am anf they have just left the consult room. We have been through quite a traumatic week for all.

Paula had an acute respiratory problem for over a week. A violent dry cough with lethargy and very little sleep for the whole family. When she gets into these states she will just lie on the couch and be thirstless(Gelsemium?).

Mom had contacted me at the beginning of this episode of the process. I did see Paula once before. Her complaint was a recurrent URI with sore throat and loud dry barking cough and fever. These numerous episodes have been ongoing since beginning kindergarten in September of 2011.

The cough started as a severe dry cough only at bed time around 9pm. She was kept awake by it for about1 to 2 hours. It was bad again in the morning from four to six. No other symptoms except that her mood was bad. Once it gets going this”terrible chronic cough” will also produce a single cough every 3-10 minutes especially all night.

None of these descriptions were available to me at the time of the intial consultation. I had at first prescribed Sepia for this young lady. Before contacting me Mom (a nurse) re dosed the Sepia 30.

It was fascinating. The report received by email was that after the Sepia her mood rapidly improved. She went from lying on the couch lethargy to up and playing and singing! But,wait a minute, the cough itself got worse! Not only that-to compound the damage done to my previously damaged ego this sweet young thing is now complaining of a headache and a pain in her heart!

First I gather my fractured self and assess the situation. Sepia must have been a close simile. It did pick her up in general but by no means deserving of an Oscar for the performance.

The vitality is giving us more clues because because I did not namen that tune successfully- the headache and heart pain. Yes!-Is that in the repertory?

CHEST; PAIN; General; heart; headache; with (2) : lach. Naja.

So could it be Lachesis or Naja? Do I have any supporting evidence for either of these remedies?

Of course-I smacked myself in the head-I missed the obvious. She was worse at the beginning and the end of sleep!!! That is a red flag for Lachesis.

I asked Mom to give Lach 30 bid.

Mom went to pick up a tired little Paula and get her home. On the way, in the car she gave her a single pellet of Lach 30. This was at 2pm. Paula immediately closed her eyes and slept for 2 hours.

She awoke at 4pm with a high fever at 39 degreesC and a light upper body sweat. Lips were dry but she was thirstless and refusing drinks.

The fever being intense alarmed the nursing education of mother who had her trigger finger on a bottle of tylenol. She refrained from the old habit. The fever subsided in less than half an hour.

It returned again 7pm but with lesser intensity and duration.

Again at 11pm it returned with a 37 degree fever for about 2 hrs.

What was also noteable here was that Paula was not lethargic with these brief bursts of fever but singing and active!

Oh yes-I forgot-since waking in the afternoon at 4pm- no cough whatever could be heard.

Next morning Paula was her usual self. A highly unusual resolution to this recurrent issue.

This was 4 days ago and Mom and Dad were in this morning to discuss next steps-thoroughly excited by this natural process of observation and cure.