Practice Potpourri

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Update; Our young Scorpion case (Andoctronus) is doing quite well still on a single dose. The parents are however quite troubled by the demand that he be medicated in order to get back into school next year. I have advocated for home schooling with more controlled socialization rather than controlled neurology at this point especially given the miraculous response of this young man. It is a hard thing for a parent to take on even more demand given the considerable stress already borne. Stay tuned! More cases are lost through management issues than poor prescribing.

Case; Nicholas is 8 years old. He comes from a family of very high intellectual achievers. Mom is very concerned because his skills of socialization just don’t seem to be there. He keeps to himself and has few friends. He seems prone to outbursts-ok tantrums and will storm off to his room and slam the door shut. Feelings are hurt easily and he will remember who insulted him for quite a while. While sitting in the office I noticed the serious almost contorted look on his face. Nicholas did not want to make eye contact at all and preferred to speak quietly only through his mother. Recently he has been occasionally bursting into loud bouts of weeping over seemingly small events. He is more prone to these if hungry. Normally this young man is very attentive to anyone in the family who is ill and constantly inquires as to their health. Fairness is very important for him.

indignation (45) : acon.5071, ambr.5071, androc.5071, ant-c.5071, ars.5071, aur.5071, bell.5071, bry.5071, calc-p.5071, caps.5071, carb-v.5071, cham.5071, chin.5071, chin-s.5071, cocc.5071, coloc.5071, croc.5071, ferr.5071, ferr-p.5071, gels.5071, germ.5071, graph.5071, hecla.5071, hep.5071, ign.5071, ip.5071, led.5071, m-p-a.5071, med.5071, nat-c.5071, nat-m.5071, nitro-o.5071, nux-v.5071, oena.5071, op.5071, ozone5071, pip-m.5071, plat.5071, psor.5071, Puls.5071, sabad.5071, spig.5071, STAPH.5071, sulph.5071, verat.5071
MIND; SULKY (see Morose, sulky) (0)

GENERALITIES; HUNGER agg. (K1367, SII-311, SII-312, G1128) (Fasting) (Starving) (Trembling; hungry, when) (38)

MIND; SYMPATHETIC, compassionate (K86, SI-985, G69) (Affectionate) (Anxiety; children - friends - others) (Benevolence) (Mildness) (Weeping; tendency; sympathy with others) (46)
MIND; WEEPING, tearful mood; tendency; involuntary (K93, SI-1080, G75) (32)

This rubric-sulky was a very valuable one in the original Kentian repertory. It described a particular behavior.The patient would become angered and indignant then stomp off to his room and slam the door. When I see a clear example of this I do not use the large rubric ‘morose’ but switch to the Kent repertory view and use the original rubric. I have found it useful.

The remedy prescribed was Natrum Mur 30, one dose of a single pellet. My original inclination was a 200 but the recent emotional sensitivity gave me the feeling I need to be cautious due to heightened reactivity(recent spasms of weeping).

Sure enough it wasn’t 3days and I got an irate phone call. Nicholas is worse. The weeping is intense and more often. He is sensitive more often. Everything gets on his nerves.

I know what you’re thinking and of course I explained that things get worse before they get better. Mom was not impressed.

Despite my shaky debut the first follow up at approximately 6 weeks was wonderful. After an aggravation period of less than a week there has been a total turn around. Nicholas is even and far more social with no sign of relapse yet.

Case; This last story put me in mind of another recent case of Nat Mur. Samuel is a one year old going concern. He is bright and cute and in your face. His only complaint is a pretty awful case of molluscum contagiosum. They have been there for some months and seem absolutely resistant to medical treatment. Eruptions are more numerous on the legs. They seem asymptomatic. In fact Samuel seems asymptomatic. Not a decent clue in sight. Desperation made me lean on the time line for etiology in family life. Sure enough they appeared after the death of a grandfather. I confirmed the prescription by asking the question about photophobia which is often so prominent in Nat Mur cases and sure enough the mother confirms that when in the car strong sun will cause him to squint and complain to a notable degree. Natrum Mur 30 one pellet every three day cured in about 2 weeks.