Rose is a frequent visitor to the office.

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Rose is a frequent visitor to the office. For some years she has come in with the kids. Rose is very health conscious and has develpoed a strong religious foundation to her life. I think her use of spirituality to outreach into the community and b a real light to those less fortunate is so admirable.

Rose has long been aware of homeopathy and prefers its holistic approach to the usual medical approach. Her home is well stocked with dutifully used supplements as well.

What I especially value as regard Rose is her clear headed abillity to observe purely and simply. I think Hahnemann would have loved to have had her as a prover.

Rose presented last year with a chief complaint relating to digestion and a secondary complaint related to breast cysts which was about to be medically examined.

She presents as appearing pleasant,alert, fit and very slim. Rose is in her ealy 40’s.

Breast and GI issues;

About 3 months ago some long standing cysts on the left breast which had a history of “needing draining” got more tender. The breast has been discharging a yellow substance. 4 months ago was the last draining.

“My son is always a challenge.”…”My number one thing is to be a good mom. The last 2 years I have let the leash out further”.

“I have weighed 100 lbs forever and yet I eat the same amount as my husband!”

“My stools are loose andits huge it fills the toilet. Its dark and very very foul.”

Within twenty minutes of eating or drinking she will feel a strong and sudden urging at the rectum for stool. Our patient is also lactose intolerant.

There is a history of warts on the fingers.

For five years there is an annual throat and cough which I had prescribed rumex for that seems to take care of it quickly.

Also five years ago there was an incident where friends had unjustly accused her of something that really hurt.

Rose is very conscientious. Getting things done has a high value in her life.

Worries a lot.

Loves to encourage those who need support.


Physically she is very sensitive to hunger.

Prone to becoming cold very easily especially the ankles and feet and moreso in bed at night.

There are headaches from drafts – a strong sensitivity.

Too much sun will also cause headache.

This last year there is a tendency to perspire more easily.

Heels crack a lot and nails are brittle.

There is an aversion to oysters.

Mild fear of the dark

Energy is worst in the early afternoon at one to two pm.

This sounds like quite a stew. What struck me as peculiar throught the nature and strength of the symptom was the inability to gain weight and the headaches so sensitive to draft.

The graph now looks like this;

We would prefer our remedy be chilly with a strong tendency to discharges. I chose Silica on this basis.

Silica 200. One dose.

Two months later.

Within two days stool became solid and normal. Smell was gone as was the strong and and sudden urge.

If I have gluten it all still does relapse.

Discharges are still present but less and less frequent.

1 o’clock is till a down time but now she is less chilly overall except for this time!

When she took the remedy an itch eruption on the leg went away quickly(never discussed).

It has recently returned.

Clearly this case is far from cured but it has some interesting teaching points.

1. The genius of the case really had little to do with the presenting symptoms in a direct way. This emphasizes the need to take a whole case and not to simply rely on the experience of pathology.

2. The need to consistly question oneself. We have 2 complaints(bowel and breast). One seems well on the way to resolution-the other(discharge) had a less profound response. The discharge is newer then the diarrhea yet it responded less well. However it may be argued that the breast cysts are far older than the diarrhea. Hard for me to have certainty in interpreting Hering’s rule here. If it were a definite case of the older symptom clearing and the newer not I would question the similitude of the remedy.

3.Interesting that the general coldness recedes but regroups itself to the general low time of about one o’clock. This seems to empohasize the importance of that time as a general aggravation for Silica. If this is confirmed more times in future I would like to upgrade that symptom in the repertory.

4. The relpse of an improved symptom as an indictor for the repitition of the remedy. Although not stated above the return of symptom in this context is an indicator for repetition. I am glad for the opportunity to repeat to test the degree of similitude of the prescription. It always better to be wrong quickly so we can get on with being right.

We have thousands of pages of great Homeopathic literature gathered over 200 plus years upon which to premise our clinical approach in this field. It is a tragedy that some of our Naturopathic Colleges have allowed the newer approaches with almost no confirmed literature to supervene and cut off the ability of students to relate to the roots of this study.